Staffing solutions for any size company


TAB Staffing is a company focused, people minded organization putting integrity before profitability. We are directed by two managing partners with over 40 years of experience in recruiting and staffing in multiple markets and verticals, combined with our back office administration company SKHR holdings. SKHR was founded in 1974, themselves with over 40 years in payroll processing and employer of record services.

This positions TAB Staffing in such a way that we can successfully construct and build any roll out, any size project or staffing initiative. We offer scalability to any size payroll alongside our banking partner, Sterling National Bank, with 7.3 billion in assets (NYSE –STL). We have the ability to service our customers in both local and national markets.

Located in Northern NJ with the Tri-State area reach, we have all the capabilities of our direct competition with one key difference: we treat our employees like people, not cattle-and we focus on integrity before profitability. We are fully versed in on-site programs, employer of record services, automated time and attendance systems, and much more

Our automated time and attendance system offers customers a real time view of those working and the ability to spend dollars within minutes of any shift, start to end. We offer 150 reports from our system, all available on the web with no software on your servers and no security worries.

    Commitment to Accuracy

  • We provide people who are a perfect fit for your hiring needs
  • Access to Unprecedented Talent Pool

  • We are always recruiting to source the most skilled and reliable workers
  • Expertise & Dedication

  • We work together to further develop more effective and flexible contigent staff
  • Safety Initiative

  • Every employee receives extensive safety training as per customer orientation
    - We take pride in employing our own safety and risk managers
  • Next-Level Service

  • We're at your service 24/7/365
  • Time & Attendance Protocol

  • Biometric and facial recognition technology available to ensure accurarate timekeeping We are company focused, people minded. Experience the TAB difference